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The Entire Help guide to Fleet Vehicle Tracking Systems

In the last 5 years Gps navigation vehicle tracking systems prices have dropped significantly and business proprietors are reaping the advantages of inexpensive tracking devices by having an Return on investment of just a couple of several weeks.

Fleet tracking may bring numerous advantages to a company from growing productivity to reduced costs before engaging on the lengthy term hire any tracking company, there are several vital details you need to know. This information will help in making smart decision.

What’s Vehicle Tracking and just how will it works?

Tracking systems use a mix of Gps navigation technology, cell phone network, internet, digital mapping and tracking devices with software to allow business proprietors to watch their vehicles exact locations, in addition to a complete group of information which informs what route was utilized, once the vehicle was switched ON/OFF, speed as well as fuel consumption.

The concepts of Tracking Systems are very simple. Using information sent by Gps navigation satellites orbiting our planet, a Gps navigation receiver calculates the vehicles exact place around the Earth’s surface and transmits the data through the cell phone network to some remote server which could then be utilized with a computer online, all the details is overlaid on the digital map area enabling you to begin to see the location of each your vehicles with street level precision.

The advantages of Vehicle Tracking Systems

Dispatch and allocate new jobs towards the nearest vehicles

Provide transparency for your team’s location

Improved safety and health

Control and lower your overtime costs

Confirm ETA’s and provide enhanced customer support

Control personal vehicle usage and eliminate moonlighting

Enhance your route planning

Lowering the average speed of the vehicles

Lower insurance costs

Let employees take vehicles home during the night

Tax reductions

Evidence of parking ticket validity

Selecting the very best Vehicle Tracking Supplier

Because of so many tracking suppliers claiming is the best, it is simple get it wrong and select one which will not fulfil your fleet needs. Just don’t forget that there’s no such factor because the best vehicle tracking supplier. The very best supplier is the one which meet your fleet needs, offers good customer care at low costs, are dependable and well-established. Look out for hidden costs!

Hidden Costs – There are a variety of potential hidden costs having a tracking system, for example:

* Installation charges

* Monthly subscription charges

* Annual software license charges

* Separate mobile carrier charges for GPRS bandwith

* Polling Charges (when you wish to uncover in which a vehicle is appropriate now)

* Callout charges for repairs even when under warranty

* Uninstall/Reinstall charges when you wish to maneuver the hardware in one vehicle to a different

* Software update charges

* Additional software user charges

Ask profits repetition for all those potential costs of the fleet tracking systems – on paper! This way should you all of a sudden start receiving surprise invoices you are well on solid ground to contest them.

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