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How to choose tires on motorcycle

The only thing keeping you to the ground when you are on your bile are your tires, there is literally a lot riding on them. It is crucial that you choose the appropriate tires for your motorcycle, tyres should be chosen based on driving conditions, driving skill, and, most significantly, determining what you want from the tires in terms of the surface you’ll be riding on and your priority on various elements.

There are different types of tires available in the market it is important to know what you want from a pair in terms of performance and longevity. You can surf through the assortment on buycarparts.co.uk and settle on what you actually need as you will come across some of the best in the market products that can get you the desired performance within a set amount.

But, how do you choose a tire that’s right for your motorbike?

Compound and tread pattern

The rubber on its surface that is in touch with the road is referred to as tread. The tread is made up of the tire’s crown and shoulders and the tread pattern, on the other hand, is the tire’s design, which includes channels and grooves that direct water away from the asphalt. In rainy situations, this prevents the tire from losing grip on the road. The material that the tire is constructed of, or the ingredients that are employed in the creation of the actual product, are referred to as the compound.

The compound and the tread pattern are different from one tire to the other as they all have varying purposes other than just maintaining contact with the ground. Sleeker tires like the ones seen on moto Gp bikes help to maintain the right amount of grip on the road which is necessary to get the speed and traction on the racing bikes. While on the other hand, tires that have bigger treads are used in off-road conditions, again to get the required traction and maneuverability on off-road surfaces. The compound used to manufacture off-road tires need to be more durable as they undergo more stress as compared to on-road tires.

The Correct Type of Tire

To discover which tire type is suitable for you, analyze your motorcycle and biking style. The terms cruiser, street, dual-sport or adventure, and dirtbike are all used alternately to refer to the usual types of bikes in the market. Choosing the tire family you require is the easy part; the details, such as brand, compound, speed rating, and so on, get more complex as you dive deeper into the circular marvels of technology.



One thing you may do is make a list of the characteristics of the tires you’ve purchased, such as their form, strength, tread pattern, and so on; this will help you streamline the selection process until you locate the ideal tire. Once you’ve found a set that works for you, stick with it until you’re ready to make a change. The correct tires, as well as the wrong ones, may make a major difference in how your bike handles, which is why it’s critical to choose a tire for your vehicle that meets or surpasses your vehicle’s load or riding style.

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