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Great Day Trips If You Are Visiting London

If you are planning a trip to London this year you won’t be alone. The capital of England sees over 19 million international travelers arrive each year. The iconic sights, from Big Ben to the Tower Bridge to the changing of the guard, are known by travelers the world over. When you are in London, you’ll be able to immerse yourself in its history, delight in its dining experiences and be wowed by the vibrant cultural scene.  You could visit London many times, and still find charming surprises on each journey there.

As captivating and compelling as London is, however, you will also want to save time for some great day trips to amazing places in the area. Venturing out and exploring will let you get an even better feel for the country, and its people. You can visit wonderful sites, and delve into the timeless, rich history that is part of the very fabric of the nation. Before you arrive at Heathrow you can click here and arrange for a car hire so you can travel where you want, whenever you desire. With your own car, you can travel in comfort and enjoy all the beautiful sights.

Visit Windsor Castle

If you want to walk in the footsteps of Royalty, you can travel 32 km from the city center of London to  famed Windsor Castle. This magnificent castle has been part of the royal family for some 900 years. One of the royal official residences, it has housed Queen Elizabeth, Henry VIII and numerous other monarchs.

Millions the world over have become familiar with this iconic castle as it has hosted royal weddings that were televised globally. The Castle is a wonderful example of church architecture from medieval times. Windsor Castle is open year-round, and you can usually tour the castle and the peaceful, beautiful Castle Grounds.

Journey Back Through Time to Stonehenge

To experience the juxtaposition of civilizations, you can travel from London on a journey back into ancient times. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is located approximately 140 km from London. The site contains the world-renowned Stone Circle, a mystical wonder that historians think was constructed some 5000 years ago.

Most feel that the site was spiritual in nature. You will be awed by the stone structure, and amazed by the architectural craftsman ship that went into creating this megalith. While you are there, you can also view five replica Neolithic houses that were created based on ruins excavated at the site.

Explore the English Countryside

During your travels to London, you will also want to take the time to explore the beautiful English countryside. A trip to the scenic towns and stone villages of the Cotswolds will take you 120 km from the heart of London city and into this beautiful country setting.

You can visit Minister Lovell village, along the banks of the River Windrush. Its 15th century Oxfordshire manor home was later abandoned, and the ruins offer a beautiful contrast with the rural land. Another wonderful stop is the village of Bibury, which features stone cottages along the River Coln. You will also want to see Bourton-on-the-Water, which many people consider perhaps the loveliest village in England.

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