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What Is the Best Van for Builders?

Builders and construction professionals need the right tools to deliver high-quality results. However, a frequently overlooked aspect of their toolkit is their work vehicle. A reliable and efficient van isn’t just a means of transportation; it becomes the backbone of their operations. With an array of options available on the market, finding the ideal work van can be a daunting task. We are here to present you with the top contenders vying for the title of best van for builders. So, fasten your seatbelts, and we’ll help you find the best van for your business.

  • Mercedes-Benz Vito

Despite being an all-purpose vehicle, the Vito offers levels of quality and technology that many rivals can’t match. Although it comes at a premium price, the Vito offers a lot of features that make it an excellent van for builders. Featuring a maximum load space of 6,900 and a payload of up to 1,145kg, there will be plenty of space for all your tools. But it’s not just about space; the Vito shines in the driving experience as well. With a range of powerful engines that can achieve fuel efficiency of up to 47 miles per gallon, you’ll not only save on running costs but also enjoy driving to work in comfort.

  • Volkswagen Crafter

The Volkswagen Crafter, the largest model in VW’s van range, has undergone a significant technological and performance upgrade since its 2017 launch. With a sleeker appearance similar to its smaller siblings, the VW Caddy and T6 Transporter, the VW Crafter uses car-like innovations to enhance its cabin and driving experience. Offering a diverse range of body styles and lengths, the UK market provides options for 3, 3.5, and 5-tonne gross vehicle weight variants known as CR30, CR35, and CR50. Six Euro pallets can be carried with ease on the largest models, while payloads range from 735 kg up to 2.5 tonnes. The maximum cargo capacity of the front-wheel-drive model is 18.4 cubic metres.

  • Vauxhall Combo

The Vauxhall Combo van leads the pack in the small van category with its generous cargo capacity, easy accessibility, and practical load-carrying options. The square body shape creates more than enough space inside, and the low floor allows for easy entry. You can load up to one tonne of cargo on the back of the vehicle, and there is a nifty load indicator in the cargo area to alert you if there is an overload.

The Vauxhall Combo is available in two lengths and one roof height (L1 H1 and L2 H1), with the L2 version offering 1877mm in load length. It also offers three variants (Edition, Sportive, and Limited Edition Nav) to cater to different needs, making it an ideal choice for both fleet buyers and small business users alike.

  • Vauxhall Vivaro

Over the past few years, Vauxhall’s Vivaro has been gaining popularity as a top choice thanks to its impressive loading capacity, fuel efficiency, and overall value for money. It offers two efficient diesel engine options, making it a versatile companion for your transportation needs. Whether you opt for the 1.5-litre engine, which proves more than capable of handling the van and its cargo, or the slightly more powerful 2.0-litre diesel, you can trust the Vivaro to get the job done.

  • Ford Transit

Last but not least, the Ford Transit. For decades, this vehicle has remained a top-selling van in the UK, and the latest model lives up to its reputation by offering a winning combination of durability and affordability. With an impressive range of 450 model variants, including three load lengths and two load heights, this van can meet a range of requirements. Whether in short or long wheelbase versions, it boasts a generous loadspace of up to 8,300 litres. Builders, in particular, may favour the L3 model, which can carry a payload of up to 1,375 kg and offers an internal body length of nearly 3.5 metres.

Secure your vans with fleet with Insurance

As a business expands and the need for multiple vans arises, multi-van insurance becomes a practical and cost-effective solution. Rather than dealing with individual policies for each vehicle, fleet managers can streamline administration by consolidating coverage under one comprehensive policy. This simplifies paperwork, saves time, and ensures uniform protection across the entire fleet, mitigating the risk of potential coverage gaps.

By opting for multi-van insurance, builders may also enjoy potential cost savings as insurance providers often offer discounts on fleet policies. These reduced premiums allow builders to allocate their resources more efficiently and invest in other critical aspects of their operations.

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