Tyre fitting and wheel balancing in Chester-le-Street

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Book online today at Britannia Autos for your tyre repairs or to check if your tyres are legal on the road. If you aren’t sure if your tyres are within the legal tread depth, bring your car into our garage in Chester-le-Street and we’ll check them for free.

Why do I need new tyres?

All tyres eventually get worn down by daily driving from A to B. If your travelling regularly or further distances it can mean that your tyres get worn down quicker. When your tyres get worn, it can mean that you are more likely to skid in adverse weather conditions and it can be dangerous to drive in such conditions, impacting your safety.

Tyre tread depth

The legal limit for your tyres tread depth is 1.6mm. Once your tyre tread gets below this depth, it’s really important that you get your tyres replaced to ensure that you are safe on the roads. The tread on your tyre helps to grip on the road and diverts water from beneath your tyres to improve traction. It is important for safety and a legal requirement that your tyres do not exceed this limit.

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Other indications of tyre wear

If there are uneven wear patterns on your tyres, it can affect your steering and braking distances. Often city driving can have an impact on this, with lots of roundabouts and turns. Lumps and bumps on your tyres can also be an indicator that you need new tyres, as well as suffering from punctures.

Tyre repairs at Britannia Autos

At Britannia Autos, we provide full tyre replacement on all makes and models of vehicles. We stock a full range of budget and premium tyres to suit any budget for our customers. The price for new tyres includes wheel alignment and valves as well as labour and VAT so you can always be sure you’re getting value for money. Initially, we will inspect your tyres for free, and if any tyre repairs are needed, we will let you know before conducting any repairs.

4-wheel laser alignment

At Britannia Autos, we have the latest equipment in our garage in Chester-le-Street including our 4-wheel laser alignment technology allowing for better accuracy of wheel alignment on all 4 wheels. The equipment using digital technology for heightened accuracy which helps to avoid further repairs down the line, and maintains efficiency and safety on your vehicle. We can do 4-wheel laser alignment for any make or model or car. Book online for your tyre repairs today, our online booking tool is available 24/7.

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