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An MOT test is required once a year for cars, over the age of 3, as a legal requirement set by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA). Britannia Autocentres is a DVSA approved MOT test centre, which means we can perform MOT testing in house and provide customers with the MOT certificate required each year.

What’s checked during my MOT?

Your MOT covers all the necessary checks required by the DVSA in order for your car to be legal on the roads. There are both safety and environmental aspects that are covered in the MOT test which includes exhaust emissions, seatbelts and your car’s body panel condition. In order to pass your MOT, your vehicle will need to deem itself roadworthy for all of these checks. For a more detailed description of each check, you can visit the DVSA website for details.

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What happens when my car fails its MOT?

If your MOT test result is a fail, then a member of our team at Britannia Autocentres will contact you with the results. We will prepare a VT30 form which highlights the issues that have been identified during the test. We will explain each one to you and the required repairs that are necessary in order for your car to be re-tested and pass.

Britannia Autocentres MOT repairs and re-test

If you need repairs to your car after your MOT has failed, then we can prepare a quote including labour, VAT and parts with Britannia Autocentres. You have up to 10 working days to get your vehicle re-tested as only a part re-test may be required which will mean you don’t have to pay again for a full MOT test.

Once your repairs have been done, we will run the test again at our workshop in South Pelaw and supply you with your new MOT certificate.

How much will it cost?

Your MOT test comes at a separate price to your repairs with Britannia Autocentre. Use our online booking tool to tailor the price directly to your car by entering in your number plate. If you require repairs in order to pass your MOT test, we will provide you with a quote when we tell you why your vehicle has failed. Each car will be different in their repair requirements, but we always try to be upfront and honest about our pricing policy. As an independent garage providing services to the local community, we promise our customers that we always aim to have the same quality as main dealerships but at prices that are more affordable. Use our online booking tool to find out today.

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