Brake pads and brake fluid replacement in Chester-le-Street

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At Britannia Autocentre, we provide brake repairs including repairs to brake pads, discs, callipers and brake fluid replacement for our customers in the area. Our trained mechanics and technicians have all the equipment they need in our garage in order to make sure that your safety is guaranteed.

Do I need new brake pads?

It can depend on the make or model of vehicle as to the time that your brake repairs or brake pads will need to be replaced. It can also depend on how many miles you regularly travel as well as the impact of outside conditions such as the environment or driving habits.

At Britannia Autocentres, we provide a free visual inspection of your brake pads and brake system to customers that feel like there might be something wrong with their brakes. Customers in Chester-le-Street and surrounding areas can visit us to put their mind at rest and see if any repairs are required. Your safety is imperative, so it’s important that you get any issues checked out immediately.

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Signs of failing brakes

If you are unsure whether you need new brake pads or any brake repairs, it’s important to understand the symptoms that are associated with failing brakes. When your car brakes aren’t working properly, it can massively impact on your safety, and at Britannia Autocentre, we believe it’s important to get your brakes fixed and in working order as soon as you can.

Signs that your brakes aren’t working are if you need to increase your effort in order to stop or slow down your car or your car pulls to one side it could indicate that there is something wrong. Equally, juddering, vibrations or grinding noises can indicate brake pad repairs or needs for other repairs to your brakes.

What brake parts need replacing?

Your brakes are made up of a number of different parts. Brake discs spin the cars wheels and your brake pads push on the discs in order to slow the car down. Your cars brake callipers hold and push the pads and the lines which carry the brake fluid. There is also the master cylinder and Servo which both help to increase the effort used when pushing down on the brake. In order to determine which parts need replacing our team at Britannia Motors can visually check your pads, hoses, pipes and callipers to ensure that there is no obvious wear or issues. We do this all in our free brake check. If there are further problems with your brakes, then a more in-depth inspection will be needed in order to get to the bottom of the issue. Once we’ve found which parts need replacing, we will let you know the outcome, present you with our findings and how which parts need to be replaced or repaired. We’ll be upfront about costs and then you can let us know if you want us to go ahead with your repairs.

Booking your brake repairs

Your brake system is one of the most important systems within your vehicle, ensuring you and your passenger’s safety when driving. At Britannia Autos, we want our customers to be safe, so recommend getting your brakes checked out at the first sign of a problem. You can book online with Britannia using our online booking tool available to our customers 24/7.

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